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Social Fan Wrap

Social Fan Wrap ProductsBillboard made up of Facebook profile photos

Social Fan Wrap provides a unique advertising opportuntiy for any brand.  We created a method that creates a mosaic from your brand's Facebook fan photos, which we can then apply to a car, billboard, or any other large format medium. 

In today’s world, Social Media is a must for all National, Regional, and even Local businesses. Society craves content on-demand and wants information regarding their entertainment and interests at their finger tips. Corporate America has used this technology to their advantage and have found creative ways to advertise their message or call to action especially, with Facebook. Facebook gives businesses their own social network which can be utilized to keep their online friends or LIKES informed of their current specials, promotions, and events.

Social Fan Wrap was created to help Corporate America understand the advantages of social media while developing creative marketing programs utilizing the most up to date technology.